Best considerations for moving furniture

Best considerations for moving furniture

Best considerations for moving furniture

Moving furniture is a big job and it really takes a lot of time and energy and man power. If you are up for the job, then you can make a lot of mistakes and then your whole day would go to waste. We at Chicago Area Movers believe that moving furniture should always be a soothing process for the person and it can be done in a minimum possible time. Here we will show you the best tips for moving furniture
    •    Carry tall items high and low
Mostly filing cabinet, tall dresser or a shelving unit is really difficult to handle. So you have make it a two-person job. So tip the item backwards at an angle and have one person carry the top while the other carries the bottom. This will center the weight and keep the item from swinging out of control. This way, transferring it item is easier too.

    •    Hook chairs around corners
A long easy chair is really difficult to move. So what pro movers do is hook the corners of the large chair and turn the chair on its side so it looks like an “L” and move it back-first through the doorway.

    •    Stand couches on end
Moving couches seems like a really daunting and impossible task and if you ever have to maneuver a couch down hallway it will be almost impossible to carry it horizontally and make it turn into the room. Before you enter the hallway, place the couch on its end and slide it to the doorway. You’ll almost always be able to hook it through the door.

    •    Shoulder dolly
Moving and lifting all the straps take the whole weight off your back by relying on leverage and large muscle groups. And they will also leave your hand free to maneuver awkward items where you usually require more than two set of hands. However, one thing is that they can be tricky to use on the stairs because the weight will shift completely to downhill mover.

    •    Lifting Straps
You should look for lifting straps that can also be adjusted for different length objects as well also for the different size movers. We at Chicago Area Movers offers all kinds of different strategies and techniques so that your furniture moving can be easy and we will lift the burden off your shoulders.

We hope you found these considerations helpful.

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  1. Camila Allen says:

    Moving can be a challenging and stressful experience, and there’s nothing like setting up your furniture in your new location to help you start relaxing and feeling at home. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog.

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