Best money saving tips for buying pet supplies

Best money saving tips for buying pet supplies

Even the most cheapest and frugal of all the owners have to spend some money in buying the pet supplies for their pet. And now different owners have different habits: Some lavish their dogs with toys and treats and keep them in doggy day care, while others crate-train their pooches and throw sticks during daily walks.
So now when its decided that you will have to spend money, here are some tactics that will help you save some money
1. Get it online
Sites such as, PetSmart and Petco regularly run sales, hand out coupons and offer free shipping for food, medication and supplies. And yes, free shipping may apply even toward heavy stuff, such as giant sacks of kibble or large boxes of kitty litter.
2. Buy in bulk
If you buy in bulk then you may get certain discount on top of every item
3. Use coupons
If you use coupons, then there are a lot of discounts which you can get.
4. Buy second-hand
Yard sales and thrift stores may yield the dog dish or kitty condo of your dreams. Disinfect and wash or vacuum the item, and it’ll be good as new. “If it looks clean and doesn’t have an odor and it’s the right price, then I would have no problem [with it],” Los Angeles veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber says
5. Get it free
Use the freecycle network. There’s no guarantee that pet items will be there when you need them, but you never know. I’ve seen food, litter, crates and other pet items being given away. You can also use craiglist. You may luck out in the “free” section. (Patience helps.) Or put up an ad in the “wanted” section, specifying that you’re willing to come pick up that crate or skijoring equipment.
6. Do it yourself
When possible, bathe and/or groom your pet at home. My sister clips her golden retriever’s fast-growing nails; she bought a fairly pricey tool, but it quickly paid for itself. You can also learn to clean your pet’s ears and do breed-specific haircuts, says Dr. Jules Benson of the Petplan insurance company.
7. Make your own treats
The Internet bristles with pet snack recipes. If your animal companion has digestive issues, ask the vet which ingredients should be avoided. To get you started, check out the why and how by the writer of the blog,


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