Best steps on tutoring Chemistry

Best steps on tutoring Chemistry

Best steps on tutoring Chemistry

Tutors can try a variety of different techniques to teach Chemistry and work out the most effective way of helping the student understand the particular topic. The subject of Chemistry requires to memorize and understand a lot of chemical reactions and chemical formulas and therefore the tutor and has to figure out different types of techniques where the student can fully grasp the topic and get the best out of your tutoring.
•    Usage of Multi-Media Tools
Chemistry as a subject can be pretty boring if the tutor is only explaining the theory part of the subject and then asks students to memorize all the stuff. To eliminate this possibility, fill the class with interesting video presentations, songs, or works of the masterminds of the Chemistry that cover the theme of your teaching. So if you teaching chemistry, show the videos of some important chemical reactions occurring in reality

•    Use of Humor in teaching Chemistry
Many studies have shown that use of humor can really have a lot of positive effects on students and it increases their level of interest and engagement. So you should encourage students to bring comics, funny quotes or jokes to classes and dedicate a few minutes to a good laugh.

•    Analyzing source of information
Part of the critical thinking, that is required in Chemistry is to analyze the source of information you are consulting in order to come to a conclusion. Tutors should always be encouraged to conduct research into the backgrounds of the people who have reached milestones in the subject of Chemistry and received Nobel Prize for an important discovery in the world of Chemistry.

•    Change Class Settings
The major consideration of the tutor, irrespective of the subject they are teaching is to keep the boredom at bay. Once in a month, try to arrange your class in a different place, chemistry lab can be one of them. Or you can also look for teaching in the outdoors which can significantly eliminate stress and therefore will promote a relaxed, fruitful learning environment.

•    Make them learn periodic table
Every student who is stepping toes into the world of Chemistry should remember the periodic table by heart. Not just elements but their periodic number is also important for the student to get a better understanding of Chemistry as they are used in all the chapters of the subject

We hope you find our Best steps on tutoring Chemistry helpful.

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