Best techniques for weed control

Best techniques for weed control

Best techniques for weed control

If you ever take a walk in your garden, you would find large amount of weed. Now if you want to control that, you might think you require a lot of efforts but it’s not true. And another thing which you should keep in mind is that the garden requires weed. It is the natural remedy for all the sites that are in bad state like wounded, or plant less state. Now if you are looking for ways to do a weed control then follow these steps
•    Let sleeping weeds lie
Now you might be unaware of the fact but every square inch of your garden contains weed but only the top inch or two of soil get enough light to trigger germination. Digging and cultivating also brings hidden weed seeds to the surface, so you should assume that the weeds are ready to erupt.
In the lawns, you should minimize the soil disturbance by using sharp knife with narrow blade which will slice through the roots of dandelions and other lawn weeds to sever their feed source rather than keep digging them out.

•    Mulch
Mulch benefits the plants in ways that it helps keeping the soil cool, moist and depriving weeds of the light. Organic mulches, host crickets and beetles which in a way helps seek out thousands of weed seeds. You can set the weeds back if you cover the soil’s surface with a light blocking sheet and it can be made of newspaper, cardboard or any biodegradable fabric.

•    Weed when the weeding’s good
You should always look for a good time to do the weeding. For example is rain had occurred then probably equip yourself with gloves and start weeding. Usually under the dry conditions, weeds which have been sliced off below the soil line usually shrivel up and die.

•    Mind the gaps between plants
You can prevent weed to grow by designing mass plantings and closely spaced plants because weed usually grows in open spaces. Mostly all the space recommendations are done keeping in mind that there is adequate space in between the plants when they reach the mature size. So if you looking to try out this method, make sure you have kept the optimum space in between the plants keeping in mind their size when they reach maturity. This way you can prevent the weed from growing.

Hope you liked our Best techniques for weed control! =)

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