Best tips on providing private cooking lessons

Best tips on providing private cooking lessons

Best tips on providing private cooking lessons

Cooking classes are a great activity for everyone from chefs-in-training to those of us still mastering the art of boiling water. Classes can help refine your recipes, culinary expertise, or just provide a fun night out! Cooking classes also make great gifts and date night ideas.
Chicago is one of the top culinary cities in the country.

For your classes, where you will teach them is nearly as important as what you will teach. If you teach in NYC, the sky’s pretty much the limit given your credentials. However, you’re teaching in Upstate NY and unless your clientele are very affluent (which is possible), you’d have to scale down the price. So if you are going to start private cooking lessons, then you better read this article to gain more insight

1.  Is it a very small town you live in? Beware of this. Small town people are less likely to want to try something new.

2. Have you determined there is a market for this? If so, you can charge more than the I’m-begging-you-to-take-my-class price. Do this research, it can save you a lot of money-loss and heartache later. There’s nothing worse than investing your time and passion into something and have it not work.

3. What do you feel, per hour, your time, expertise and experience are worth? BE HONEST. If you think your time is worth $10 an hour, great. But in your heart of hearts, if you think it’s worth $75 an hour, then don’t skimp or you will resent teaching the classes instead of loving it.

4. It’s easier with a restaurant because 4x ingredient cost usually does it. Will you do it in your own kitchen or set up a commercial kitchen space or do it at the clients’ homes? All factors. Whatever you do, CHARGE ENOUGH.

Sell yourself like you’re a cross between Jacques Torres and Julia Child.

You have to make it appear to these people as though they NEED these classes – like any other service.

For starters, you might consider running some kind of special “Two Classes for the Price of One” to each new student until you get a following.

Get people in the door but don’t let it cost you your shirt. Losing a truckload of money really sucks the joy out of it.

So once you have kept everything in mind, just go for it 😉

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