Best ways to tutor Biology

Best ways to tutor Biology

Best ways to tutor Biology

Biology is one of the central branches of scientific knowledge and is relevant to most of the topics including genetics, zoology, medicine, ecology and public policy. So it has the potential to interest any student. But if you have to become a good tutor, you will have to think really carefully about how to share the field of Biology in a way that is enjoyable and relatable to all the students.

Here are some ways where you can teach Biology in an interesting way

    •    Engaging Students
Some students will be naturally drawn to Biology while others will not even give proper attention to the subject. The students will benefit if the tutor can show how biological concepts and questions are relevant to daily life. You should share your class news items on medicine, DNA, population growth and other topics that biology touches upon.

    •    Incorporate hands-on activities
If you can make the biology interesting for students, then they are likely to be more invested into the subject. There are a lot of ways in which you can do that. Plant a garden to learn about photosynthesis. Or you can raise butterflies or other animals to learn about life cycle. You can also look at the slides of various kinds of cells.

    •    Incorporate multimedia materials
Tutor should create a little variety in the format of the instructional material so that the biology course gets more lively. So in addition to textbooks, podcasts, videos and other forms of media when introducing topics in biology

    •    Look for ways to bridge technology and biology
There are currently a lot of opportunities for those interested in biology and vice versa. So a tutor should be open to new and exciting modes of instruction and should also invite students to share technological concepts and tool which would be beneficial to all the students of the class

    •    Utilize science games to teach biology
Some friendly games in the field of biology can be a nice way for the students to get a better understanding of biology and there are resources available for that. Games like Jeopardy, Quiz Bowl, Taboo, Pictionary and twenty questions which can help the students learn a lot and can also be a great source of fun. This way it would help in two ways, one is to not let students be bored and other is to educate them.


We hope you find our Best ways to tutor Biology helpful!

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