Health / Wellness

Need a care giver or someone to help you become healthier? Our neighbors can help. We can help with nutrition monitoring, excersize evaluation, dentistry reviews, legal consultation, physical therapy and a lot more.

Our neighbors are nearby to help save you time and money at a convenient time at your home when needed.

Some things your neighbor can help you with…

  • Nutrition
  • Life Coaching
  • Financial Advising
  • Calorie Consulting
  • Scheduled monitoring and supervision
  • Delivering materials
  • Exercise evaluation
  • Depression assistance
  • Medication review
  • Check-ups visitation
  • Dentistry review
  • Stress management
  • Physical therapy
  • Metal awareness
  • Beauty product consultation
  • Fitness coaching
  • Legal review
  • wake up call
  • Educational goal review and recommendation
  • Vitamin advising

How It Works

Post a Job

List all the needed details for your project including schedule, frequency, location etc.

Choose a Neighbor

Select from a list of great neighbors bidding for your job.

Your Neighbor Does the Work

Develop a contract with your selected neighbor and your neighbor does the work.