How It Works

Step 1

Post the details of the job with pictures if applicable.

Step 2

Review bids by great candidate helpers and communicate the needs of the project.

Step 3

Select the neighbor to perform the work, both partees sign the contract and hirer places payment money into Escrow.

Step 4

The work is completed and reviewed by the hirer.

Step 5

Hirer approves the payment to be paid by the Escrow to the helper.

Step 6

Hirer and Helper places ratings and feedback on the helper and hirer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When your project is completed, we only receive 15% of the total agreed project payment + the paypal processing fees. Thus you “the Hirer” only pay the agreed amount for your project – no additional fees!

Our service provides a contractual agreement between you the Hirer and your Helper to help protect you from any mistaken liability due to unlisted assumed parameters per your project post. It also protects your payment in the case the work was not completed correctly. By starting and not completing your project with our service – we may not have the needed information to record any wrong doing.

How Payments Work

Step 1

After job work is complete.

Step 2

Hirer approves the payment from the Escrow service.

Step 3

The Escrow service places your payment into your account.