Mobile Furniture Repair Services
Mobile Furniture Repair Services

Mobile Furniture Repair Services

Many of us have a lot of furniture present at home and it gets damaged one way or the other. Now whenever it gets damaged, it doesn’t mean you will throw it away and buy a new one. We need to find some ways so that you can repair your furniture so that it has a long life and looks new and not look dull and old. Now if you redo the entire surface of the furniture, it would cost a lot and some small damages happens to the furniture over the period of time and we can’t really stop that.

So here we have provided you with some ways to provide mobile furniture repair so that you do not have to shell out a lot of bucks to redo the entire furniture at once and you get to keep it and make it live long. Because furniture is one of the most important things present in your home and most of the people look at it and make the judgement. So its best if it is in the perfect condition.

•    Gel-Stain
If you have a lot of nick and scratches that is exposing the raw wood then you can brush on a gel stain. Now if you brush it with a gel stain, then it would be able to match it with your existing color and all the scratches won’t look bad at all.

•    Use wood filler & touch up paint or touch up stain
If you have a huge hole dug out in your furniture, then just gel stain won’t help. It would definitely require just more than a touch up. You have to fill the hole with wood filler. Once you have the wood filler smoothed out and shaped to fit the piece, you can sand it a little, then stain it or paint it to match the rest of the piece.

•    DIY Mixture
You can make out a few recipes at home that would be great for the touch up. One of them is ¼ cup canola oil and ¾ cup of white vinegar.

•    Denatured Alcohol
Denatured Alcohol is really great for removing the stains and marking which are present on the furniture, but you really have to be careful because denatured alcohol also removed small amounts of water based paint

•    Clean Fingernail Polish
If you have clean fingernail polish then you can also use that to touch up damaged furniture if the color is still present.


We hope you find our Tips to create a Mobile Furniture Repair Service helpful.

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1 thoughts on “Mobile Furniture Repair Services

  1. Cindy Tesler says:

    Thanks for the tip to use a gel stain to fill in nicks and scratches on your wood furniture. More specifically you talked about how this will match the furniture better. I think it’s a good idea to choose a furniture repair company that has plenty of experience in repairing your specific type of furniture.

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