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I’m a chef/professional caterer. Facebook page:

We create edible works of art, home-based food for the soul. Still looking for looking for the ideal caterer: professionals, amazing food & perfected craftsmanship for a 1st Holy Communion reception, a birthday, mother’s day brunch, breakfast, lunch, dinner or any event or occasion? Damour Cuisine is the answer to your prayers! Looking for an edible gift idea like a basket of delicious cookies, cupcakes or brownies or any other edible piece of heaven just contact me Sam from Damour Cuisine via or fb page! We specialize in American, West Indian, Latin, Europe & Asian cuisines with a twist (Haitian, Jamaican, Italian, Cuban, Oriental)

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Being able to utilize our talents to create something that we have a love and passion for and the gratification we get from our happy customers.

I’ve worked as a chef, vendor and caterer for several private events as well as festivals. I truly have a love and passion for creating edible works of art and am looking for a worthwhile and fun culinary opportunity.

Catering for all events, cooking lessons, event planning, Personal Chef events, organizing events, serving at events, etc.

Sincerely, Sam (347) 513-4375

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